The 5 dangers lurking in your old house
In any old house, five things could cause a catastrophe for you and your family.  And knowing how to handle these hazards properly is the key to maintaining safety. Let’s talk about these five things and how best to avoid them. So read and take notes to make sure you are protected.


Lead Paint Hazard

Lead excretion is especially dangerous for children. But if your home was built 3 decades ago, there is a good chance your home used lead paint. In fact, the earlier the structure was built, the more likely it was to contain lead.

The most common places where you will find lead-based paints are the mouldings and trims (windows, doors, baseboards, etc.).  Lead poisoning usually occurs when grinding and cleaning old paint, which releases some particles.  These particles can be easily inhaled. For your own safety, if you are making repairs, you will need to call an EPA certified contractor, who is trained for repair, maintenance and painting.


Lead pipe risk

If your home still has your original plumbing, it would be wise to leave it to a licensed plumber to check the general condition of your plumbing to find out what materials.

Though lead traces from another area where lead is used in other pipes are usually not a threat, you should get your peace of mind by testing your water with the help of home test kits.


Asbestos Hazard

When it was first launched, asbestos was seen as a wonder product. It is made of natural minerals and is completely fire resistant, extremely durable, excellent insulation and is very light. Unfortunately, it can also be fatal if inhaled. Prolonged exposure often leads to a deadly lung cancer called mesothelioma, among other problems.

Asbestos is used for all types of building materials such as pipe insulation, tile, roofing materials, lining, insulation, and many others. Asbestos products are not officially banned in Australia until 2003, but it has been left long ago after people discovered the potential health problems associated with the exposure.

Asbestos is usually safe if not broken. If you have it at home, you can leave it alone if it is in good condition. However, the collapse and used asbestos products represent a real danger that must be immediately fixed by an asbestos removal contractor who is accredited and trained to manage asbestos.  The reason is simply that an asbestos removal process requires a highly safe protocol to ensure that the deadly fibres are not released into the air.

Therefore, this material should not be handled by persons other than professionals. If you live in Gladstone, Queensland get more information at your local council here about a secure asbestos removal Gladstone procedure and how to get help from a licensed contractor.


Old wiring danger

An old wiring is not a threat if it is not destroyed or it’s using knob and tube. Knob and tube were one of the first standardized designs for wiring. There would be nothing threatening if it’s undamaged, except that as old (rubber) insulators may quickly break and left wide open wires, which can easily cause a fire or electric shock. If your home still has a knob and tube, it should be replaced as soon as possible by an authorized electrician.

Secondly, the decayed insulation. Cotton insulation is used in most old wired cables and it can last for many decades, but over time, it will begin to degrade. If you have a wiring outlet or any other connection spot where the insulation is broken or lost, you are risking yourself. In addition, most older homes do not have a ground cable, which goes to outlets and accessories. While this presents no real danger, it provides a degree of stability and protection compared to this obsolete method. Ask a licensed electrician to inspect your home if you are in doubt.


Balloon frame

Most people do not even know what a balloon frame, not to mention the dangers they may pose. By itself, the container frame is not dangerous. The balloon was one of the types of home construction before most builders have moved to today’s standard platform. The problem with housing is that when a fire is set from the basement, it will go through the attic and burn the whole house down.

The balloon house with the frame can be resolved with fire-locking coils pins. This is not the most urgent issue a landlord can face, but it is a hidden danger, which most people do not know. Another solution is to re-work the stud bays with fire resistant insulation. If you have a way to access the stud bay to fix the balloon frame, you must take this chance to add insulation and fire blocking to keep your home safe.

Staying in an old house is as well as everything else. You must have good management.Hopefully, you are better prepared now and more aware of your home.

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