My name is Brianna Caire. I live in Weldborough.

Computer science is my hobby, my profession and my passion. I am a lucky user and developer of free software. I enjoy this freedom for more than 15 years, and thanks to GNU / Linux.

This is my personal blog. In it, I record news, ideas and occurrences that I like to share. (I also have a personal site, somewhat outdated.) Writing is, at the same time, a kind of therapy (self-administered), a hobby and pleasure. I am not an excellent writer (I do not even consider myself a good writer), but I have discovered that putting some ideas in writing helps to polish them, while one is acquiring a certain practice and improving technique. And even the writing may serve somebody else.

I will not say much more about myself (it’s a more than uncomfortable situation). I will let the content of this blog describe me. I thank you in advance for your visit, the time spent reading my articles and the comments you give me.

I hope something here will be useful.